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How can I search for unclaimed money or property in other people’s names?

Most of us already understand that lots of people have money or property held by the government. In fact, statistics show that approximately one in ten people have monies or property held by the government that they are entitled to claim. The issue normally is how to access this unclaimed money. However, not to worry because there is a search engine that will help you on How to search for unclaimed money or property in other people’s names?

You can now easily claim the money and property because it is being held on your behalf, and it is not government property. The money and property are being held pending an inquiry by yourself or a family member.  In the case of other people, it may be that the family member relocated or is deceased.

Is it Possible to Search for Money or Property in Other People’s Name?

But, can you actually search for unclaimed money in other people’s names? Say, your friends or family members? The answer is YES!  The information is public record, and you are free to look.  Of course, you can’t claim money or property that is not yours! But you can look and if you find money or property, let your friends and family know about it!  They will surely be happy!

Many government databases list monies and properties being held for people.  The most well-known is the State Treasurer databases.  But there are lots of others.  Too extensive a list to go over here, but you can find the databases with some poking around on the internet.

You can get some help in your search from InLife Claims.  That is a private company that has a multi-state database that can help find the money.  Searching is quick, easy, and free.

Best of luck!  Search for yourself, your friends, and your family!